The Leisurely Rides

A few years ago some of us Wednesday riders felt we would like to take our riding a little easier than the rest of the group. We formed what at first was called the ‘Slow’ group but recently we felt this sounded rather geriatric and renamed ourselves the ‘Leisurely’ group as, really, we’re not that slow, it’s just that we like to enjoy the scenery, have frequent stops for a breather and a drink and enjoy wending our way along rail trails rather than sticking to the sometimes busy roads. This approach has extended to the Sunday rides as well, where we are happy to offer alternatives to the main calendar rides for those, like us, who want a more relaxing experience. Both have led to some lovely outings: along the Patterson River to Dandenong for coffee and lunch at an excellent Lebanese café; back roads to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens for a picnic lunch and a stroll around the World-famous Australian Garden; along the Hallam by-pass bike path from Dandenong to Berwick for lunch and a walk in the Wilson Botanic Gardens and most recently, our Sunday ‘mystery ride’ took us to the AWARE Animal Rescue Day at Langwarrin Hall – very interesting – and a return home via the Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve to look at the wildflowers. We are also a comfortable entry ride group for nervous beginners who may then graduate to the ‘Fast’ rides. Our numbers wax and wane, but there is always someone up for a ‘Leisurely’ ride.